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If ever there was a powerful rock vocalist that has gone through so many incarnations and evolutions, it is Kelly Keeling. From his days with Baton Rouge and on to the band Blue Murder. To writing, singing and performing with guitarists John Norum (Europe) and Michael Schenker. Then joining forces with Carmine Appices Guitar Zeus and vocalizing with some of the most renowned guitarists in the world like Yngwie Malmsteen and Vivian Campbell. The next incarnation was the band Heaven and Earth, the Deep Purple sounding band founded by metal guitarist Stuart Smith. Kelly completed his first solo project which was released by Mascot Records in March, 2005. Kelly Keeling is a Louisiana-born multi-instrumentalist and has been the principle songwriter in every band he has ever been in. He is always in demand as a songwriter, vocalist, producer and guitarist.

This chronological synopsis of Kelly Keelings career highlights some of his major accomplishments.

  • 1986
    Kelly joined Baton Rouge, the band that put him in the public eye.
  • 1987
    Baton Rouge was signed by Atlantic Records and moved to Los Angeles, CA.
  • 1990
    Kelly worked on Alice Coopers Hey Stoopid album for which he co-wrote the song Snakebite and also sang background vocals. Also co-wrote/contributed 3 songs to the movie Rich Girl released in 1990.
  • 1991
    After the third Baton Rouge album release, the band split up because Kelly became the vocalist for John Sykes band Blue Murder. The resulting album Nothing But Trouble took two years to complete and was produced by John Sykes released on Geffen Records.
  • 1994
    Kelly contributed his rendition of Deep Purples song Speed King to the Shrapnel Records release Smoke on the Water: A Tribute to Deep Purple.
  • 1995
    Kelly became vocalist for the John Norum Band, produced two albums released on Shrapnel Records and toured in Sweden.
  • 1995-1997
    Kelly became vocalist for Carmine Appices Guitar Zeus albums, showcasing the very best guitarists in the world. Three albums released on Revel Music, One Music and Sony International.
  • 1998
    Kelly co-wrote/contributed two songs for the movie Dish Dogs(1998 release).
  • 1998
    Kelly worked with Denny Laine and Roger Daltrey on the movie soundtrack for "Chasing Destiny" where he wrote four songs and piano music for the score. He and Carmine Appice provided instrumental arrangements and vocals. 2000 release. Kelly has a small acting part as a "Band Member".
  • 1998
    Kelly scored the soundtrack for the movie "Totally Irresponsible" released in 2000.
  • 1998
    Kelly became the Michael Schenker Group vocalist for the album The Unforgiven released on Shrapnel Records.
  • 1999
    Kelly was featured on Michael Schenkers The Unforgiven World Tour live album released on Shrapnel Records.
  • 2000
    Kelly moved on to the band Heaven and Earth. Founded by metal guitarist Stuart Smith, Kelly was vocalist on the second album released by Frontiers Records.
  • 2000
    Kelly wrote and performed the music for the movie Killer Bud released in 2001.
  • 2000
    Kelly participated in the 2000 tribute album A Tribute to Grand Funk Railroad and played the piano, bass, guitars, drums and vocals for the song Mean Mistreater.
  • 2001
    Kelly was recruited by Don Dokken to step in as assistant songwriter and producer for the 2002 Dokken CD Long Way Home released by CMC International.
  • 2003
    Kelly was featured as male vocalist on keyboardist Erik Norlanders European tour in June.
  • 2004
    Kelly tours with George Lynch opening for Yngwie Malmsteen in March. Shrapnel Records releases the George Lynch album "Furious George" featuring Kelly on vocals in June. Kelly co-writes several songs with Dokken on the "Hell to Pay" album released by CMC/Sanctuary Records in July.

    Kelly tours with Erik Norlander in the USA and in Europe

    25 Years MSG Celebration CD
    Featuring all new songs, all new performances and all new recordings. 5 songs have already been mixed and there will be a total of 18 songs on the CD. Jari Tiura, Robin McAuley and Kelly Keeling have already done their vocals. Gary Barden, Leif Sundin and Chris Logan will also be vocalizing on several tunes.
  • 2005
    Kellys solo release "Giving Sight to the Eye" on Mascot Records featuring Kerry Livgren, Don Dokken, Mitch Perry, Carmine Appice, Vinnie Appice, Roger Daltrey, and many others.
  • 2006
    Kelly joins Trans-Siberian Orchestra as a vocalist and tours with them during the holiday season from November through early January.
  • 2007
    Kelly returns to and tours with Trans-Siberian Orchestra as a vocalist and tours during the holiday season.
  • 2008
    Kelly and Don Dokken tour together to support Queensryche in January and February. Kelly toured with O'2L in March/April. He also performed shows with Paris Keeling and his own band.
  • 2009
    Surgeland Records reissued the Paris Keeling CD on August 28, 2009 retitling it End of Ride Revisited. Kelly performed several solo shows, reunited with the band Baton Rouge at Rocklahoma, and toured with Eddie Money, Terry Illous, and Joey Molland on the Rock4Xmas Tour.
  • 2010
    Kelly journeys into new musical territory and writes/records a CD co-written with Marc Zimmerman titled "Lime Green Limousine" targeting autistic children.
  • 2012
    Kelly Keeling performs as guest vocalist on Chris Bickley's Tapestry of Souls CD.
    Surgeland Records releases Tune In To Mind Radio - a tribute to Kelly Keeling featuring Carmine Appice, Tony Franklin, Marty Paris, Dominic Gaudious, +more